I'll tell your story with thoughtful design.


Hello! My name is Alyssa Murray. My design business, Hawk & Bloom, specializes in crafting brands, websites and digital products. I am on a quest to help passionate people make positive change in the world by giving them the compass and tools they need to act fearlessly. 

So, what does Hawk & Bloom mean? I chose this name because it’s a combination of words that fits perfectly with my design philosophy. Hawk represents clarity and focus, and Bloom embodies growth and vibrancy. While hawks are visionaries of the air, flowers are the heart of the earth.

I love this dichotomy between the sky and the land and how it relates to my creative process.

Visualize this: It starts at 10,000 feet. First, I seek to gain an overview and understanding of my client’s vision. This helps me map out the journey ahead. Then, l plant seeds and begin to nurture their growth. Throughout this experience, we collaborate to discover where our true destination lies. Thus unveiling the most authentic expression of the brand.

Welcome to Hawk & Bloom.