Introducing Hawk & Bloom


Today I'm excited to announce the launch of my design business, Hawk & Bloom. I took the leap from my 9-5 job to build my own business and I'm kicking off 2017 by taking the next step in my design career. 

In the end of 2016, I moved out of San Francisco to the country. I live in a little cottage in Sonoma, one hour north of the city. This is where I grew up and I couldn't be more appreciative of it now that I'm older. Life here is much calmer. I live at a slower pace and take things in. 

I spent weeks brainstorming a name for my design studio of one. I wrote lists of hundreds of words and names that were meaningful to me but nothing quite fit. One day, while I was on a walk in Sonoma Valley, I saw a hawk fly overhead. I think it was a sign. 

When I got home, I researched hawks. Several sources said that it represents a messenger in the Native American culture. When the hawk shows up in your life, it carries a message. It challenges you to attain a higher perspective on something that’s been holding you back. It holds the key to awakening vision and inspiring a creative life purpose. Until you see the “big picture” you could remain stagnant. My mission as a designer is to help people awaken their creative vision and purpose. 

While hawks are the protectors and visionaries of the air, flowers "bloom" from the earth. When a flower blooms, it's healthy, radiant, and alive. It represents freshness and beauty. 

Hawk & Bloom. 

I love the symbolism of the sky and the land, and how it fits so perfectly with my design philosophy. It embodies what the design process means to me: creative vision & growth. "Hawk" represents clarity and focus, while "Bloom" symbolizes growth and vibrancy. These are qualities that make great brands and businesses.

Here's a screenshot of some text messages my mom and I exchanged when I came up with the name!


Here on the blog I plan to share my thoughts and insights about design, and I'll share a bit about my lifestyle here in the country. Teaser: my 3 small goats and a pony will make an appearance. Also, my cat named Chet who thinks he's a guard dog.

Are you interested in working together to create a beautiful new brand for your business? I'm currently booking new clients and offering design services; 2017 is already booking up quickly! Contact me and let's get the ball rolling on your design project.

Visit the Design Services page for more details on my process.